Why a Bricks and Mortar Business Desperately Needs Digital Marketing

Why a bricks and mortar business desperately needs digital marketing

Why does a bricks and mortar business desperately need digital marketing? The truth is that digital marketing is a must-have for any brick and mortar business. A well-functioning website, social strategy centered on building relationships, and email marketing are just a few ways to leverage the power of digital marketing. By following these tips, a brick-and-mortar business can boost sales and customer loyalty.

With two-thirds of shoppers using mobile devices to compare prices, it’s important to take your website seriously. The right website will provide useful information to your customers, such as store hours, in-stock items, and return policies. Your website will be your digital front door and the first impression a customer will have of your company. So what should you do to take advantage of digital marketing for brick-and-mortar stores?

When determining your competition, determine where your edge lies. The biggest brands in retail have mastered the art of synchronizing online and offline channels to create a complete brand voice. Mark Schaefer’s famous mantra: the company that understands their customers the best wins. It is the only way to survive in this increasingly competitive world. If your brick-and-mortar company doesn’t adopt digital marketing, it’s likely to be left behind.

In the near future, consumers will expect an experience that is as convenient and efficient as online shopping. Brick-and-mortar retail will become more responsive as back-of-house technology continues to enhance retail intelligence. Smart, interactive displays and Internet-connected devices will become the new face of retail. Pop-up stores and temporary market places will bring the convenience of physical stores right to the consumer. This new retail is known as clicks-and-mortar.