Why a Bricks and Mortar Business Desperately Needs Digital Marketing

Why a bricks and mortar business desperately needs digital marketing

The age of the internet has made it more important than ever for a bricks and mortar business to adopt a digital marketing strategy. It is important for brick and mortar businesses to stay ahead of the competition, as ecommerce businesses are quickly snatching up internet-friendly consumers. In addition to this, many long-time retailers have closed dozens of stores due to dwindling foot traffic and sales.

The rise of online shopping has created a huge level of transparency in price. This has forced brick and mortar retailers to improve the customer experience while still maintaining a healthy margin. As a result, these companies must become truly multichannel and adopt greater cost control practices. In addition, experts stress that while data is valuable, it does not automatically translate into a sustainable strategy. Therefore, brick and mortar companies must focus on creating an experience that makes customers feel comfortable shopping with them.

Despite the benefits of digital marketing, brick and mortar businesses need to be prepared for a future when consumers are less interested in traditional stores. According to recent reports, 78% of global retail will be conducted in physical stores by 2023. Walmart and Target are examples of how this type of business can link its digital services with its physical stores to create a strong customer experience. When digital marketing is combined with strong brand positioning and competitive pricing, brick-and-mortar stores can thrive.

Besides improving SEO rankings, digital marketing can improve your sales conversion rates. For example, 79% of all Americans shop online. If you can’t compete with this trend, your brick and mortar business will soon be closed down. By using digital marketing tactics to increase traffic, you can attract prospective clients. If you want to be competitive in the online market, you need to invest in digital marketing. Ultimately, this investment will pay off in the long run.