SMS Texting As a Marketing Tool

SMS marketing

With high open rates, SMS texting could be the next big marketing tool. One American beauty store chain, Ulta Beauty, now offers text messages to its customers to receive notifications about promotions, discounts, and news. This marketing technique has increased the store’s list by over 25,000 subscribers. In addition, businesses can track their performance by analyzing campaign cadence. Here are some tips for effective SMS marketing. Read on to learn how to create an SMS strategy.

First, make your sign-up process as simple as possible. Make your sign-up process as easy as possible, so that SMS and email sign-ups follow the same effortless flow. To maximize your list growth, consider building a desktop and mobile site, and make sure the SMS sign-up unit appears to all site visitors. Ideally, the signup form should be visible on 100% of your site’s screen, but if this is not possible, use a full-screen pop-up. You can also create dedicated landing pages to educate consumers about your product.

Another great way to increase page views and paid subscriptions is by leveraging SMS. For example, a print magazine focused on women’s empowerment uses SMS marketing to communicate its brand mission. Darling, for instance, recently sent out a hopeful message to its subscribers to celebrate the full year of COVID-19. The message also included a link to download a free phone background. In this way, Darling is building relationships with subscribers, encouraging them to purchase more of its products.

The next step in SMS marketing is to personalize the messages. People don’t like reading long text threads, and a good SMS marketing strategy will be short and to the point. The message should also include a message that emphasizes the value it offers to the customer. It’s important to personalize your messages for each recipient. Then, you can schedule SMS advertising to reach your target audience at a specific time. This is a great way to reach customers who aren’t willing to pay for bulk texts.

To begin with, you’ll need to opt-in your subscribers. Some brands opt-in through a keyword on a website. Others choose to opt-in at the checkout counter. If you don’t have a web presence or don’t want to invest in the technology, you can hire vendors to handle the SMS marketing for you. This way, you can save money while still getting personalized messages. There are many advantages to SMS marketing.

When launching your SMS marketing campaign, try to remember that timing is everything. SMS messages sent on Thursdays or Sundays, for example, have the highest ROI, while texts sent on Saturday morning are a great reminder of the sale. However, if you’re using SMS to boost your brand image, make sure to include your company name in your messages. This is especially important during the holiday season. While most people are open to receiving texts that are urgent, there are specific time windows to send marketing text messages.