SMS Marketing Strategy – 3 Things to Consider Before Implementing an SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing

Choosing a strategy for SMS marketing can help ensure success. Your end goal is to gain loyal customers, so focus on your call to action. The KISS principle dictates that most systems are effective when kept simple. Here are three things to consider before implementing an SMS marketing campaign:

Don’t forget to include a disclaimer. Some countries don’t allow companies to change the sender information of text messages. In such cases, the name of the company should appear. You can also send out “campaign messages,” classic bulk text messages, that are intended to inform subscribers about upcoming promotions. In this way, your SMS marketing efforts can be effective even if recipients don’t receive a single message. Instead of sending a single message to all your subscribers, send a couple of short, one-line messages per month to keep your list as full as possible.

Make sure to follow time-sensitive guidelines. Customers don’t always appreciate marketing messages at odd hours. If you’re a coffee shop, for instance, consider sending out text messages to people who frequent early morning hours. Research from companies like SMSGlobal shows that certain times of day work best for general marketing messages. It’s also a good idea to send your messages at odd hours to avoid overshadowing them by other messages. If you’re new to SMS marketing, consider these tips.

Make your SMS sign-up process as easy as possible. An easy sign-up form will help generate email sign-ups as well as cross-channel acquisition. MessageDesk will automatically shorten links to ensure that they are visible on mobile devices and desktop computers. The signup unit should also be visible to 100% of your site traffic. A full-screen pop-up will allow people to sign up and get more information about your products or services.

To ensure success with SMS marketing, track the performance of your messages. For example, if you’ve created a discount code, it might be beneficial to track the click-through rate on the link. If your customer doesn’t redeem the code, you’ve made your offer less dynamic and valuable. Lastly, get consent from your audience. Consumers can give consent verbally or through a form. The average CTR of SMS marketing campaigns is 19%.

SMS is a powerful tool for businesses that want to stay connected with customers and build brand loyalty. Text messages are highly effective when combined with SMS marketing automation. The more time a company spends on SMS marketing, the more likely they will convert into customers. SMS messaging can be as easy as signing up through OptinMonster. These tools will allow you to send messages to customers at the right time. SMS marketing automation is a great way to ensure that the message you send out is effective.

You can automate SMS marketing and use the technology to send transactional and post-purchase SMS messages to customers. It’s also scalable and automated. But it’s not without pitfalls. If you’re unsure of the best SMS marketing strategy, look for a platform that offers comprehensive reporting, including subscriber growth and message engagement metrics. Its reporting capabilities should also include revenue attribution, opt-out reports, and integrations with analytics platforms.