SMS Marketing Strategies

When it comes to SMS marketing, the key is to keep it simple. Remember that the end goal of SMS marketing is to generate loyal customers, not make as many sales as possible. SMS campaigns are a great way to reach your customer base on a personalized level. The KISS principle states that most systems are most effective when kept simple. In order to increase your subscribers’ engagement with your campaign, focus on one key element: the call to action.

One example is sending messages to customers after an appointment. This is especially useful for weekend flash sales, since customers have the weekend to plan ahead. Sending messages on Thursdays or Friday evenings offers the best ROI, as they give customers the time to plan their weekend. Sending messages on Saturday morning is another great way to remind customers about the sale. SMS marketing messages should always contain an opt-out link so customers can remove themselves from the list if they don’t want to receive the SMS.

SMS can also be effective for media companies looking to drive more page views and paid subscriptions. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, SMS allows you to segment your audience based on their past behavior and interests. Darling magazine, a print publication focused on women empowerment, uses SMS marketing to keep its subscribers informed about their brand’s mission. To mark COVID-19, they sent subscribers a hopeful message and free phone backgrounds. SMS marketing also builds relationships with subscribers and allows you to offer valuable digital gifts.

Another useful SMS marketing strategy is transactional SMS. Transactional SMS messages are sent out to customers to collect delivery updates and other important information. Unlike email messages, transactional SMS messages are short and sweet, and unlike emails, they don’t offer much scope for creativity. Nevertheless, SMS marketing is an effective tool for promoting a brand or a product. With a little bit of strategic planning, SMS messages can increase brand loyalty and boost customer retention.

While the open rate of SMS messages is higher than the average of email messages, unsubscribe rates are higher. When tracking these results, make sure to analyze your messages over time to see which ones are the most successful and which are the most effective. Establish a baseline and check your messages against that baseline to identify any outlier results. Similarly, you can measure the cost per conversion by creating a link in the message and providing a link to your landing page or online store.

In addition to SMS signups, you can also use email signups to generate leads. These SMS campaigns are effective because they allow consumers to opt-in to receive messages that match their preferences. As a result, SMS signups are crucial for cross-channel acquisition. They can also drive conversions by being relevant to the audience’s interests. This type of marketing strategy is highly effective and will increase the conversion rate of your campaign. However, you must keep in mind that not all SMS campaigns work the same way.