SMS Marketing – How SMS Marketing Can Help You Reap the Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing

In order to reap the benefits of SMS marketing, you need to build a strategy that includes a list growth strategy, inviting email subscribers to sign up via SMS, launching a signup unit, triggering auto-responder messages, and developing a segmentation strategy. These strategies can include a triggered welcome message, creating post-purchase flows, and creating triggered abandonment reminders. These steps can be done by using a partner SMS service that can help you grow your list and ensure compliance.

Another benefit of SMS marketing is its ability to drive page views and paid subscriptions. One print magazine that leverages this marketing strategy is Darling. The publication focuses on women empowerment, and used SMS marketing to promote its brand message. To celebrate COVID-19’s full year, Darling sent an SMS to subscribers. The SMS also contained a link to download free phone backgrounds, a tool that encourages subscribers to engage with the brand.

Moreover, SMS messaging requires the consent of the contact. It is important to remember that in most countries, you must obtain an opt-in to send messages to your contacts. However, when it comes to SMS marketing, timing is of utmost importance. Whether you send your text message early in the morning or at night, make sure that your customers engage with the messages you send them. By ensuring that your SMS marketing strategy includes an opt-in feature, you’ll be able to deliver relevant messages to your audience.

Personalization is another way to drive customer engagement. Studies have shown that customers respond better to messages that have their first name. Also, it’s important to segment your contact list based on how long they’ve been a customer. For example, a new subscriber to a text list may receive a welcome message, while long-term repeat customers may receive promotional offers or refer-a-friend discount codes. MessageDesk’s multiple inbox features let you segment your customer list based on contact properties such as form submissions or online interactions.

The click-through rate (CTR) of your SMS messages can be measured through Google Analytics. It measures the percentage of customers who clicked on a link in the text. If your SMS marketing strategy includes links to landing pages or online shops, you can measure the CTR by using Google Analytics or UTM parameters. The average CTR for SMS messages is 19%. The key is to track your messages and measure their effectiveness. If you want to maximize SMS marketing, you must use these tools.

SMS is an effective way to target a broad audience. The 98% open rate of SMS messages proves that nearly all potential customers read these messages. Don’t let this scare you away from SMS marketing. You’ll learn more about this tool in one session! You’ll be glad you did. The results of your SMS marketing efforts will show in no time. Just remember to be respectful of your customers’ time and effort. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you’ll increase your sales.