SMS Marketing for Media Companies

SMS marketing

For media companies, SMS is a powerful tool to increase paid subscriptions and page views. SMS can also be used to segment the audience based on their past behaviors and interests. Darling magazine, an award-winning print magazine focused on women’s empowerment, is a great example of a company using SMS to communicate its brand mission. Recently, the magazine sent a hopeful message to its subscribers to mark COVID-19, the UN’s global day for women’s empowerment. The magazine included a free phone background to celebrate the full year. Such gifts will help to build relationships with subscribers.

The CTA is an essential part of SMS marketing. This is because the CTA will determine the open and click-through rates of your marketing campaign. Including a URL in your message will help you track your conversion rates. Then, you can test whether or not the link works and takes consumers to your website. Most users will leave the website after three seconds, so make sure the website is prepared to handle the traffic. SMS offers many advantages over traditional forms of marketing.

With SMS marketing, you can use the short code “555555” to opt-in customers who have chosen to receive messages from your business. The messages will be sent to them over time, if they have opted-in. Customers can opt-in by checking a box on an order form or by submitting their numbers online. However, customers should verify their phone numbers before the SMS marketing campaign can begin. This will help you improve your SMS marketing strategy.

Aside from the character limit, you can also use rich media content in your texts. Using text slang will confuse your SMS recipients. Use abbreviations wisely. These texts may look unprofessional to customers who cannot understand the abbreviations. For instance, Pizza Hut’s messages contain abbreviations that are not understood by their customers. Aside from this, SMS marketing is not the right solution for many companies, since it requires a lot of money to set up and maintain a successful campaign.

Moreover, it is crucial to set expectations and not spam consumers. If you send an SMS to your contacts during off-peak hours, they may be irritated and forget about your message by the time they wake up. By sending a message at the right time, your consumers will be more likely to reply to your messages and make purchases. If they don’t, your messages will have no chance of success. Whether or not SMS marketing is an effective strategy for you, it all comes down to timing.

When launching an SMS marketing campaign, it is essential to research your target audience and develop relevant messages. SMS marketing should be a strategic part of your overall cross-channel marketing strategy. SMS messages can be sent at specific times, and they can be scheduled or triggered based on user actions. For instance, you can use automated triggers to send promotional messages or coupons. You can even include photos and coupons in your SMS campaigns. By connecting SMS messages to your website, your SMS marketing campaign will sync with your cross-channel marketing sequence – email, push notifications, and SMS.