Opportunities to Grow Business by Developing a Digital Marketing Program

Creating a marketing calendar is a great way to plan your digital marketing campaigns. Not only does it create accountability, it also ensures that you’re reaching each audience segment. For example, releasing a training webinar in January means creating slide decks, designing social media graphics, and building a landing page. Then, you should promote it across several channels during February. By following a marketing calendar, you’ll know exactly what to do before each month.

Developing a digital marketing plan should have a strategy for capturing, nurturing, and converting customers. Digital marketing combines paid advertising, social media, and website development, so that your business can reach potential customers online. If your digital marketing strategy doesn’t cover all of these elements, you’ll end up losing ROI. A consistent, holistic approach to digital marketing will yield the best results. A good example of an integrated digital marketing plan includes the use of email marketing, website development, and social media. It can also help your salespeople achieve their goals, such as increasing awareness.