How Chiropractors Can Use SMS to Nurture Their Patient List and Increase Revenue

If you’ve ever thought about using text messages to nurture your patient list, you know that it can be an effective way to attract new patients and maintain current ones. But how do you use SMS to achieve that? Keep reading to discover three ways SMS can benefit your practice. Here are some tips to help you start nurturing your patient list with SMS. Once you’ve got your patients’ mobile numbers, send them a welcome message via text.

First, invest in patient education technology. A recent survey revealed that 58 percent of patients have said that using technology has improved their overall experience. You can implement this technology yourself by purchasing a stand-alone patient education system, such as 3D Practice, Speedy Assessment, or ChiroCloser. Then, set up a system to send patients automated text messages.

Second, SMS can reduce no shows. By sending text messages to patients, chiropractors can make their patient’s life easier by notifying them that they need to reschedule their appointment. Text messages can be scheduled ahead of time and patients should be given a time period to cancel. SMS can help chiropractors save time on marketing, too. So, why not start using text messaging to grow your patient list and increase revenue?

Third, SMS can help chiropractors improve their patient relationships. It can be used for appointment reminders, cancellation notices, and confirmations. Using SMS can also reduce no-show appointments. Patients like text messages over phone calls. In addition, it makes it easier for patients to get answers to their questions and schedule an appointment. It’s also popular with younger patients. It’s easy to set up and use.

Fourth, SMS can help chiropractors create a loyal following. It builds trust with patients. People often look for healthcare services online. Social media and website referrals account for 38% of new chiropractic clients. This trend suggests that SMS can be an excellent tool to boost your patient list and increase revenue. But there’s one caveat: It’s important to update your SMS marketing plan periodically. You never know when a competitor will enter the market.

Lastly, SMS advertising is effective for chiropractic marketing. This strategy can generate new patients and brand awareness. But it can also generate low-quality patients and appointments. While Facebook ads are effective for chiropractic practice marketing, you’ll need to remember that they aren’t free. So, you might want to experiment and find what works for your practice. A well-planned digital advertising campaign can yield impressive results.

In addition to using SMS for patient nurturing, chiropractic practitioners can also use this to build a loyal patient base. Only one to five percent of potential patients will book an appointment after the first contact. If you have a high quality lead magnet, it’s likely that 95 percent of those potential patients will eventually make an appointment. The goal is to get them to opt in to receive marketing communications from you.