How Chiropractors Can Use SMS to Nurture Their Patient List and Increase Revenue

How Chiropractors can use SMS to nurture their patient list and increase revenue

SMS can help chiropractors attract new patients and improve patient experience. By sending an SMS with a link to a review platform, chiropractors can ask their patients to write reviews about their experiences. This will strengthen the doctor-patient relationship and help your practice build a positive reputation. Patients who receive regular updates from a chiropractor are more likely to return to the practice, thus increasing the number of new patients.

To start nurturing your patient list, create a buyer persona, also called a customer avatar, a fictional character modeled after a typical buyer. This persona is a composite of a real person, influenced by a number of factors, biases, and expectations. Once you have a persona, you can create messages that are specifically tailored to this persona.

Text messaging can help chiropractors stay in touch with their patient list. Text messages sent to patients can be used to remind them of upcoming appointments or to confirm or cancel them. Using text messaging can help you reduce the number of no-show appointments, which is the number one reason why patients are choosing chiropractors over other types of healthcare providers. Also, it helps chiropractors keep in touch with their patients, which will increase patient satisfaction and decrease no-show rates.

Another great marketing tool for chiropractors is a billboard. Because it’s visible in the line of sight, billboards are highly effective in attracting new patients. Moreover, people love to read humorous and creative ads. Take the example of The Joint Chiropractic. Its ads featured an entertaining message along with an enticing offer. In the end, this strategy worked wonders for The Joint Chiropractic.

Besides creating a newsletter and social media presence, chiropractors can also run a business massage program to reach busy people and develop valuable connections. Performing 10-15 minute chair massages for employees of companies is a great way to build a good reputation in the community. By offering great content on social media, chiropractors can reach the people they want to get in touch with. And, they can close deals during the decision-making process.

Before sending out messages via SMS, chiropractic professionals should ensure that their patients have given permission for them to receive texts. Sending out too many messages may cause patients to opt out of receiving text messages. Therefore, doctors should send texts only when they need to and not bombard their patients with messages. In addition, doctors should not send sensitive patient information via text messages, such as medical conditions, history, and current treatment status. Patients should be addressed by their first name when using text messages.

After the first visit, chiropractors should take the time to obtain their patients’ insurance cards. They should then keep a copy of the insurance cards for future reference. Once they have the patients’ insurance cards on file, they can contact them. If patients have questions about their coverage, they can ask for referrals. The collection process can be easier if the patient is aware of their payment status.