How Chiropractors Can Use SMS to Nurture Their Patient List and Increase Revenue

How Chiropractors can use SMS to nurture their patient list and increase revenue

There are many different ways to generate patients and increase revenue in the chiropractic practice. Social media marketing is one of them. You can write articles for your LinkedIn page, tweet articles on Twitter, or create testimonial videos to draw potential patients. A chiropractor can also use testimonial videos to attract new patients. The content of the videos should highlight specific benefits of chiropractic care. You can display these videos on your website.

Mobile devices are one of the hottest platforms for engagement. A chiropractor can share videos or visual aids with patients to help them better understand their diagnosis or recommended follow-up treatments. By using this method, patients can stay informed and involved, which results in quicker recovery and better wellness. Among chiropractors, patient portals are an ideal way to retain existing patients and generate new ones.

While developing an SMS marketing strategy, consider your patient’s value proposition. What can you offer them that they can’t get elsewhere? What specials and packages can you offer to make your patients feel valued? What can you offer them that no other chiropractor can match? Consider creating a specific package and offering for patients to choose from. Developing a relationship with your patients is crucial for increasing retention rates and word-of-mouth marketing. You can also engage your community and ask them for referrals.