How Chiropractors Can Use SMS to Nurture Their Patient List and Increase Revenue

As a chiropractor, you can take advantage of the rising popularity of SMS to engage your patients and boost your practice’s revenue. By providing your patients with an SMS chat service on your website, you can easily connect with your potential patients and answer their questions. Not only can this help you build your practice’s reputation, it’s also a very effective way to nurture your patient list.

One of the main reasons why reactivating patients is so important for chiropractors is because they can reach them at key moments in their journey. Automated text campaigns allow Chiropractors to reach every patient in their inbox with personalized messages that are relevant to their needs. For instance, Dr. Carolyn Griffin had a difficult time retaining patients. Using SMS to communicate with patients helped her set up an automated reactivation campaign in under 10 minutes. She received 19 reactivations from her first automated text message.

SMS is a great way to keep patients updated about upcoming appointments and follow-up treatments. The patient portal lets patients send messages directly to a chiropractor and get more information about their follow-up treatments. A comfortable patient will increase your revenue, so make sure you get the right messaging. You’ll be amazed at how effective SMS marketing is. It will help you grow your patient list and boost your revenue.

Today, patients have busy schedules and want convenience and personalization. SMS helps doctors stay connected with patients and improve the doctor-patient relationship. Patients also respond to this type of communication much better than email and other channels. Dr. Lyle Koca, an Omaha chiropractor, started texting his patients and has since seen more than two thousand patients per week. His show rate has gone from 85% to 94%.

While traditional advertising is still a must for the success of your practice, promoting complementary healthcare options is crucial to your business. Besides traditional marketing methods such as newspaper ads and radio spots, you can host lectures and seminars to educate new patients about the benefits of chiropractic care. Digital advertisements also lead to the website of your prospective patients and convert them into customers. The goal is to create a healthy practice by creating a positive impact on the community.

A chiropractor’s marketing strategy is a powerful way to attract new patients and boost practice revenue. The key is to learn about the habits and interests of your target audience. And then craft a marketing plan based on this research. Once you have a good strategy, it’s time to make it happen! Just like any marketing campaign, SMS can help chiropractors grow their patient lists and improve their bottom lines.