How Chiropractors Can Use SMS to Nurture Their Patient List and Increase Revenue

How Chiropractors can use SMS to nurture their patient list and increase revenue

SMS can help chiropractors attract new patients. Using SMS, chiropractors can request online reviews and provide a link to a review platform. By using this method, patients can be more engaged in their care and experience a better overall experience. In addition, SMS allows chiropractors to build trust and a positive relationship with patients. They can use this method to increase patient referrals and revenue.

While many patients do not pick up the phone book anymore, it is still important to include your practice in local business directories. It not only puts you on the map, but also generates goodwill within the community. By sponsoring local events, you can increase your brand awareness and establish credibility with patients. Your newsletter will be a great marketing tool. When done properly, SMS can drive new patients to your practice.

If you use SMS to nurture your patient list, you can increase revenue and create better customer experiences. You can send a series of messages to patients to inform them about your services and reassure them. You can even send educational messages to reassure potential patients about the benefits of chiropractic care. Adding social proof to your emails can help erase any doubt or skepticism a patient may have about your practice.

When using SMS to nurture your patient list, it is important to remember that text messages are not HIPAA-compliant. Because SMS messages travel between cell towers, they do not travel across secure networks. However, you should be aware that your practice should never send personal health information over the phone. By sending an SMS, you can invite patients to call you whenever it suits them.

Another way to engage no-show patients is through marketing emails. You can use marketing emails to remind them about their appointment, and if they do not, you can send them reminders of their next visit. While people may be tempted to forget about their appointment, they often still want to come back to your practice. By extending special promotions, you can turn them into regular patients.

In addition to SMS, chiropractors can also promote their services by sending video messages to their patient list. These videos explain why chiropractic is better than drugs, and emails address common questions. Adding real patient testimonials can help chiropractors close deals during the decision phase. In addition, chiropractic practices can even hold screening events in local community events, like schools and sports. Whether you host the screening in your office or on the web, you will be sure to gain new patients.