How Chiropractors Can Use SMS to Nurture Their Patient List and Increase Revenue

You may have heard about the power of SMS and its role in patient engagement, but are you sure you’re leveraging it to its maximum potential? If not, read on to find out how chiropractors can take advantage of it to increase their revenue. Patients value involvement in the healing process and can benefit from this more than you realize. By incorporating SMS into your patient engagement strategy, you can encourage patients to stay engaged, which can result in quicker recovery and improved overall wellness.

You can use SMS to create an automated text campaign and send customized texts to your patients at key moments in their care. Texting your patients is a great way to maintain contact with your patients and is an effective marketing strategy. One chiropractor who has experienced great results with SMS was Dr. Lyle Koca. Within 10 minutes, he set up an automated reactivation campaign and saw an increase of 19 reactivations from his patients.

The importance of SMS messaging to chiropractic practices cannot be overstated. Patients prefer texting their chiropractors over email or phone calls. But many chiropractors still rely on phone calls and emails for their communications. Patients want to stay in contact with their doctors and share their questions and expectations. However, they’re busy. They’re juggling chores and kids while trying to make ends meet. They need an easy, convenient way to reach their doctor.

Another way to use SMS to increase revenue is to offer your patients free information. By sending these messages, you can build a list of patients who are looking for tips for a healthy back. Your patients may also want to follow your social media profiles and become more connected with you. Engaging with them outside of your regular appointments is a key factor to getting them to return for further care.

In addition to SMS, Chiropractors should use digital images for patient education. The number of patients who said digital images and videos from chiropractors would be helpful is staggering. Surveys from software providers show that patients want their doctors to be more tech-savvy. A recent study showed that 73 percent of chiropractic patients would feel more comfortable with a tech-based practice. They’re also more likely to refer to a tech-savvy chiropractor.

Using targeted advertising is another way to maximize your marketing budget. Using SMS to target people interested in chiropractic services will improve your response rate. Place your ads on websites or TV shows that cater to your target audience. Make sure you research your target market and find sites where they hang out. You may even be surprised at how many potential patients will end up with a consultation! That’s why it’s important to keep your content updated and relevant.

Besides SMS, you can also write eBooks for your patients. This type of content will educate patients on the benefits of chiropractic care and how frequently they should visit a chiropractor. Make sure you get their permission before recording any content, though! In addition to eBooks, you can publish audio and video podcasts to share your knowledge and experience with your patients. In this way, you can reach your existing patients and potential new ones.