How Chiropractors Can Use SMS to Nurture Their Patient List and Increase Revenue

How Chiropractors can use SMS to nurture their patient list and increase revenue

You can boost your patient base and generate more revenue by using social media. Social media has become a popular way to stay connected with prospects and potential patients. Aside from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, chiropractors can also use YouTube to create videos that demonstrate the benefits of chiropractic care. This is an excellent way to attract new patients and showcase testimonials. You can share these videos on your website to increase your patient base.

Aside from sharing content on social media, chiropractors can send out text messages with infographics and videos. These texts can encourage patients to follow their practices on social media, which will allow them to interact with the doctor outside of their appointments. After all, a patient is a chiropractor’s biggest asset, and engaging with them outside of the office is crucial to their long-term success.

In addition to creating new patient relationships, SMS communication can also help doctors stay connected with existing patients. SMS messages can be used to request patient reviews online and include a link to a review platform. This helps chiropractors establish a good reputation and attract new patients. Additionally, the increased number of patients can boost your search engine rankings. The more satisfied patients you have, the better.

While you might be thinking about how to use SMS for patient engagement, remember that personal devices are not secure and cannot protect your health information. Despite the convenience, you must ensure your messages do not disturb your clients or interrupt them while they are at work or on family time. Furthermore, keep your texts short and sweet. In less than 10 minutes, Dr. Carolyn Griffin had an automated text message campaign running and saw a significant increase in her patient retention. Moreover, she received 19 reactivations from just one text message!

Achieving high retention rates and high word of mouth marketing is essential. This can only be achieved if existing patients are satisfied. By sending SMS messages to existing patients, you will be able to reach your patient list more efficiently and boost your bottom line. With a good patient list, you can boost your practice’s bottom line. And if your patients are happy, they will refer others to your practice.

You can create an opt-in form for prospective patients and ask them to opt-in to receive texts from your practice. By opting-in to your practice, you will ensure that your prospective patients will get a text message from you. Just make sure that you don’t disturb their valuable time. Also, don’t wake up your prospective clients with an early morning text.

To boost your patient retention rates, your chiropractic practice must invest in patient education technology. According to the American Chiropractic Association, 58 percent of patients said that technology in their health care practices positively affected their experience. Moreover, chiropractors can leverage the right technology to educate their patients about the importance of continued care. EHRs also provide patient education tools and portals for patients. Your patients want to be able to learn more about your practice and how to get the best possible treatment.