How Chiropractors Can Use SMS to Nurture Their Patient List and Increase Revenue

How Chiropractors can use SMS to nurture their patient list and increase revenue

Chiropractors can boost their bottom line by using text messaging to nurture their patient list. Most patients prefer text messaging to email, but 96% of patients of chiropractors would rather receive a message via text. This type of communication allows patients to stay connected to their doctors even while they are on the go. Besides improving patient relationships, SMS helps increase a chiropractor’s online reputation.

By incorporating text messaging into your website, chiropractors can target busy individuals and build their patient list by offering free chair massages. Texts can help them confirm appointments, get more reviews, and promote special promotions. They can also text tips to keep their backs healthy between visits. While sending SMS to patients, chiropractors can also use the platform to advertise their products and services and encourage them to follow their social media accounts. Engaging patients outside of their appointments is crucial to increasing their revenue.

One way to ensure patients opt-in to receiving texts from chiropractors is to include a provision on your patient forms asking them if they would like to receive texts from your practice. This will ensure that you have documented consent, which will make it easier to communicate with your patients. Besides, SMS encourages patients to opt-in to inbound communications. Once patients have opted in to receiving texts, they can text you back to cancel your messages, if they wish.

Social media is another effective marketing strategy for chiropractors. With so many people using social media, this strategy can help them build relationships with potential patients. They can even spread your message about your practice to friends and acquaintances through these networks. It’s a smart way to reach a large audience and build credibility. But if you’re worried about the security of your messages, you can also opt for a more secure SMS messaging system.

Another way to get patients to buy from chiropractors is to write reviews. Reviews are important in the purchasing process. People like to read reviews before making a decision. So, it’s wise to set up processes to collect feedback and use it for your marketing purposes. You can also make use of video testimonials to showcase the benefits of chiropractic. This is a great way to build patient loyalty and close deals during the decision-making stage.

Another way to engage patients is to create a patient portal on your website. This portal allows patients to message the care team directly, view health documents and schedule appointments. It also allows patients to engage with treatment recommendations after the exam, such as follow-up exercises. This means a chiropractor can get their patients engaged with their care through the patient portal. The patient portal can improve the patient experience by bringing in new patients.

Achieving this goal requires proactive engagement of patients. By actively engaging with patients, chiropractors increase their revenue. Using a patient portal allows them to message chiropractors, answer questions, or get information on follow-up treatments. By nurturing their patient list, chiropractors can build a more comfortable environment and improve their bottom line. So, get started today and nurture your patient list with SMS marketing.