How Chiropractors Can Use SMS to Nurture Their Patient List and Increase Revenue

Using text messages to nurture your patient list can increase your bottom line. More than ninety percent of American adults prefer text messaging over email. Not only is it convenient for patients, but it boosts your online reputation as a trustworthy chiropractor. You can use SMS to remind patients of their appointments, provide advice about pain management, and increase patient retention. To increase patient engagement, you can send personalized messages to your patients at critical stages of their care.

Another way to generate new patients is to create testimonial videos. Post these videos on YouTube. A good chiropractor testimonial video will highlight specific benefits of chiropractic and will also help your practice stand out from your competitors. Patients can also view the testimonials on your website. Then, they can decide if they want to visit your practice. When creating testimonial videos, keep in mind that people want to know what others have to say about your practice, so you can use them to build a positive image.

If your practice is using an SMS campaign, you can share a video explaining the recommended follow-up treatments to patients. Patients will love the video and may even subscribe to your newsletter! The benefits of this type of patient retention campaign can be immense. However, it’s important to be firm with your budget. As a chiropractor, you’re not expected to spend a fortune, so invest in a quality patient portal.

The next step is to develop a patient avatar. A buyer avatar is an archetypical representation of a real person. It has specific traits, follows a decision-making process, and is influenced by many factors and biases. These include demographics, psychographics, and real and perceived problems. This persona also has expectations and behaviors that influence the buying decisions of the buyer.

Creating a billboard is a powerful marketing tool for a chiropractor. Billboards appear in a person’s line of sight and attract attention. Billboards also appeal to people because they’re entertaining and relevant. An excellent example of this is The Joint Chiropractic. Its billboards featured a humorous message and an enticing offer. With a billboard like this, your chiropractic practice is sure to get some attention.

Once you have captured patient contact information, you can start marketing your practice. Make sure to target potential patients who are looking for a chiropractor. You should also target your patients’ pain points. You can do this by creating content that addresses their concerns. Make sure to answer common questions and offer value. You should also be present on social media to build credibility. If you can’t find a niche, consider starting a podcast and using it as a tool for marketing your practice.

Another way to reach potential patients is by publishing an ebook. You can write about common injuries and explain how chiropractic services can improve range of motion and function. Then, when someone downloads your ebook, they’ll know that it is something they need. They’ll come back again to see you! The possibilities are endless. You can use your patient list to attract ideal patients, nurture existing patients, and convert your existing patients into paying patients.