Chiropractors Can Use SMS to Nurture Their Patient List and Increase Revenue

One way to reach more people is to set up a patient portal that allows patients to communicate with you. You can send messages to these patients and make sure that they receive information about follow-up treatments. It is important to make patients feel comfortable, as happy patients will increase your bottom line. SMS marketing can help you do that. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways this practice-building tool can be beneficial.

First, take advantage of the technology available today. Mobile devices are a very popular platform for patient communication, so chiropractors can use these to display visual aids and share videos that help explain the recommendations for follow-up treatments. SMS messaging is not limited to patient-to-patient communication; it can be used to send follow-up messages, schedule appointments, and more. By using these tools, a chiropractor can create a stronger patient relationship with his or her patients.

Another way to boost your patient engagement is by using SMS. Research has shown that older people prefer texting over email. Eighty-six percent of Americans aged fifty and older prefer SMS to email. Texting is also an inexpensive way to increase patient engagement. By boosting patient loyalty, SMS will increase your bottom line. You can send messages to patients at any time, so your practice will benefit immediately.

Text marketing is a powerful marketing tool for chiropractors. Using SMS chat services can help you connect with your patients and answer their questions, allowing you to increase conversions and build relationships with your patients. The best part is that your patients will read your messages, which will lead to referrals. The SMS chat services help chiropractors connect with their patients and increase revenue. So, why wait? Invest in SMS today!

Another benefit of SMS marketing is that it increases your patient engagement and satisfaction because patients check their phones 150 times a day. In fact, an average person checks their phone 150 times a day. The screen on your patients’ mobile device is considered the most valuable real estate in their life. Almost 99% of patients read and respond to texts. You’ll have a much easier time building your practice and increasing your revenue.

Marketing is a tricky process. The key to successful marketing for chiropractors is to know your target audience and what they’re looking for. Then, set up a marketing plan and implement it accordingly. This will increase your patient list and revenue. It’s easy to see why so many chiropractors are hesitant to invest in health technology. Moreover, many chiropractors earn less than their medical peers. The median chiropractor salary in 2012 was just $66,160 per year.