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Just who are you dealing with?

This is the part of a web site where you go to see a “humble-brag”. The people who write the site get to put whatever they want about themselves. You never see a site that says “We’re okay…not great, but we’re okay.” I get it though, you want to know who you’re dealing with. If you want the quick version, scroll down to the “What We Do” section, or read the whole story below. Ready? Well here you go then…



(This is what Greg’s computer sees when he’s ranking cool sites!)

My name is Greg Viner and I’m really really good at selling. It’s not magic. I just figure out what clients want, and then I’m pretty good at not only providing it, but explaining what I’m doing that’s different.

So here’s what Local Online Expert is about.

Let’s start off with what we aren’t… LOE is not a regular SEO agency. You can find plenty of those. They can do cool things in behind your website that trick Google into thinking that your site is more awesome than your competitor’s site so that Google will scramble and bring Googlers (those who Google) your site – for the search terms that you think customers will be looking for.

It’s really expensive and if you’re competitors are trying to do the same kind of stuff it’s sort of a stalemate…like running a race on a treadmill… It takes a lot of time and money to play that game. Whoever spends the most wins eventually. Not a great way to win business as far as I’m concerned.

What we do

Local Online Expert is kind of like a “web property developer”. Just like a conventional property developer makes a spiffy new office in a better location. It can sometimes be cheaper to move your business into a new place than fix up the old broken We select niches in certain areas that we want to work with first. Then we do the work in advance on our own properties. We then contact leading companies within that space to partner with. We’re not accessing your site at all. We’re working on ours. It’s like you’re piggybacking on our good work!

What this means to you

Let’s face it, paying for SEO is a frustrating experience. Everyone knows that they need a solid “web presence” and that their customers need to be able to find them online…but almost everyone is frustrated with the results they see for the huge amount that they pay. The problem is that not having a strategy is like driving without insurance…it’s going to catch up with you and be more expensive in the long run. Our system has instant results! Once we decide together that we want to work together, we turn on the phone calls for you. You’ll know if this is working or not because you’ll be able to track and even listen to the phone calls.

You still deal with the prospects, we just get them to call you!

This is a much more cost efficient process than conventional SEO, and you don’t have to worry about building any expensive, shiny new website.